Welcome to Arvia

The monsters are large
The pay is small
A sharp wit will get you further than a sharp blade
(but it’s a good idea to have both)

Welcome to Arvia! It’s a beautiful, dangerous world, overflowing with lush flora, exotic creatures, and giant mythic monsters. You’ll see it through the eyes of characters who are marginally competent, with no special skills, no magic swords, or mystic artifacts to aid them. Players in my tales constantly find themselves way over their heads, and have to get very creative just to survive. Yet friendships forged on such a world are strong indeed.

Summer 2021, a stand-alone novel, Hazelhearth Hires Heroes, joined the main series (Tales of Arvia.) It features an all-new cast of colorful misfits, exotic new locations, weird and wondrous new creatures, and subversion of more than a few popular tropes.

If you like colorful characters, witty banter, creative conflict resolution, and rooting for the underdog, welcome to the tribe! Arvia awaits you!