Cover Reveal: Midnight on the Manatee

Hello friends! Today’s the big day for the cover reveal of Midnight on the Manatee. Once again, Papaya-Style did a bang-up job. So, you may notice this one looks a bit different than some of my other recent covers. I love detailed fantasy landscapes such as the subterranean temple from Hazelhearth Hires Heroes, but since … Read more

Midnight on the Manatee

Midnight on the Manatee, the new stand-alone novella released October 28th, 2022. Just in time for spooky season! Read a three-chapter sneak peek here. How does the steamship Manatee navigate sea-monster infested waters? What sacrifices do her grand profits demand? The only certainty is that the Manatee casts a dark shadow everywhere she makes port. … Read more