A Special Thanks for Rocket Frame 87 Fan Art

A very special thank you to the talented and generous Simon Lorimer for drawing this scene from my Scifi short story “Rocket Frame 87: Escape from Spectrala”. I love how he interpreted the characters – exactly as I imagined them when I wrote the story. The ending point of the story was intended as the starting point for a game I’m working on, but the project is on the back burner until I get my novel Harpyness is Only Skin Deep formatted and published. Not enough free time to do it all at once! But I will come back to Rocket Frame 87, the scenario is too fascinating not to!

Simon is a multi-talented artist, best known for his webcomic “Up Stakes,” which is already on part 31! The comic starts here and follows the adventures of a very tall elf with extraordinarily bad luck. Note: I believe there is mild nudity in one or two of the comics.

The story upon which the artwork is based may be found here:

Simon’s DA page may be found here:

Thanks again, Simon!

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