Welcome to the heart of the sky, and thank you for your interest in an advance review copy.

What’s it all about? The world of Arvia is filled with strange monsters, giants, magic and mystery… but at its deepest core the story is about trust and relationships:

  • The bromance between Darin and his mentor Fogmort
  • The tenuous relationship between the villagers and harpies
  • The myriad of doubts surrounding an eccentric sorceress who may hold an important clue in the mystery
  • Rinloh trying to find common ground with her sister harpies
  • Most of all, the relationship between Darin and Rinloh, a relationship truly put through the fire in this story

Arvia: Heart of the Sky is about overcoming immense personal and cultural differences to save a land in distress.

ARC copies are available here.

If there are any issues, please feel to contact me. A limited number of physical copies are available, depending on region. Please contact me here to inquire.


Can I really start with the third book in a series? Absolutely. I make a specific point of enlisting the help of beta readers who haven’t read prior books. Each book is a self-contained story featuring the ongoing adventures of a core group of characters whose relationships develop and evolve over the course of the series.

So what did happen in prior books? Everything you need to know is reviewed in this three-minute video.

But I really, really want to know what happened in prior books. I admire your enthusiasm! Both books are available free in Kindle Unlimited. Due to contractual conditions of KU, I am unable to list them within the StoryOrigin platform.

Are there any content warnings? The book is intended for adult readers. You should expect some occasional foul language, fantasy violence, and some intense and/or suggestive scenes. For fantasy romance readers, I discuss steam level here.