Arvia: Wings of the Wild is Taking off Soon!

With the release of Arvia: Wings of the Wild just a week and a half away, I wanted to share a little more about it. This is Darin and Rinloh’s most epic adventure yet—a truly grand journey through dangerous wilderness and exotic new locations. Several reader favorite characters return to play a significant role in this adventure, including Fogmort, Oolandra, Jenolen and Beatriz, while a host of new characters, both colorful and creepy are sure to catch reader attention. In fact, there are so many interesting new characters, I commissioned a special illustration of the heroic line up of monsters. Note, a version of this illustration is included in the special edition paperback and hardcover copies. Once again, a huge thanks to Papaya Style for her wonderful work.

And yet despite the high stakes, creepy creatures, and dark encounters, it’s still Tales of Arvia. You’ll find plenty of witty banter and cozy, heartwarming character interactions both romantic and friendship. After all, Arvia is far too big of a world for even the strongest of us to go it alone.

And finally, for readers who have patiently watched as perpetual underdogs Darin and Rinloh have trained together, flown together, and struggled tooth and… uhh… talon? for every hard-fought victory, there’s a real treat in store for you. The oddest couple on Arvia rise to this new challenge in a truly epic way.

And finally a note on intimacy. The Darinloh relationship is core to this story, their empathic bond key to victory. Technically the romance still counts as sweet, but make no mistake, the pair have by now become extremely physically affectionate toward one another.

But why not have a little look for yourself? I have a special sneak preview of the new novel here!

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