Basic Procedural Terrain

This project was started so that I could learn how do develop an auto-tiling system, and learn procedural terrain generation. I wanted to create a set of scripts that would randomly generate a top-down terrain with various terrain types, like grass, dirt, water, forested area, etc. Claudia was trying to help me drawing the tile sets, but kept telling me that she needed to see what they would look like in a game. So I made it into a mini game where you play a wildlife photographer. I was pretty happy that I could come up with an game idea that was a non-shooter game on such short notice. The player explores randomly generated maps to find and photograph wildlife, and then sells the photos to get money to buy better cameras. I had a lot of fun coming up with and drawing the retro cameras. The game is fully functional and nicely demonstrates my first attempt at procedural terrain generation. One of the issues I had observed is that a lot of tilesets seem to be set up in a way that makes sense to the programmer, but can be difficult to draw. Since I was to be both the coder and drawer, I developed a template system to streamline the process of creating the artwork. The auto-tiling system works great, and the artwork is about 90% original.

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