A very special thank you to the talented and generous Simon Lorimer for drawing this scene from my Scifi short story “Rocket Frame 87: Escape from Spectrala”. I love how he interpreted the characters – exactly as I imagined them when I wrote the story. The ending point of the story was intended as the ... Read more
Hello All! I thought I’d share a few reviews today. As a writer, I of course love to read, and usually wish I had time to read more. I’ve written a few reviews of novels I’ve read in the past six months that have made an impression on me one way or the other. Like ... Read more
Hello! While many authors would share a status update of where they are in the process of a novel, I’m in the middle of the “copy edit” phase of things (editing for compliance to all things grammar and format related.) So I really don’t want to inflict this upon you. Copy editing is about as ... Read more
City of Xin Tourism Office
Hello friends! Tired of humdrum vacation destinations? Looking for a little excitement in your life? I found a flier from the Xin Tourist Office that may be just the thing! Coincidentally, the city of Xin is also the primary location for my upcoming novel. Enjoy your next vacation! D. H. Willison     Harpyness is ... Read more