Behind the Scenes – City of Xin

Hello! While many authors would share a status update of where they are in the process of a novel, I’m in the middle of the “copy edit” phase of things (editing for compliance to all things grammar and format related.) So I really don’t want to inflict this upon you. Copy editing is about as … Read more

Looking for an Exotic Vacation?

City of Xin Tourism Office

Hello friends! Tired of humdrum vacation destinations? Looking for a little excitement in your life? I found a flier from the Xin Tourist Office that may be just the thing! Coincidentally, the city of Xin is also the primary location for my upcoming novel. Enjoy your next vacation! D. H. Willison     Harpyness is … Read more

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which DH Willison Creates collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a “User”) of the website (“Site”). This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by DH Willison Creates. Personal identification information We may collect personal identification information from … Read more

AI System (Swamp Monster)

As part of the overall environment for RF87, I had envisioned alien creatures wandering around. I wanted them to behave more like animals than traditional monsters, such that they may or may not be hostile, and that they would also potentially chase each other in predator/prey fashion. I also though about incorporating terrain passability parameters, … Read more

Basic Procedural Terrain

This project was started so that I could learn how do develop an auto-tiling system, and learn procedural terrain generation. I wanted to create a set of scripts that would randomly generate a top-down terrain with various terrain types, like grass, dirt, water, forested area, etc. Claudia was trying to help me drawing the tile … Read more

Advanced Procedural Terrain

Ok, actually this project doesn’t really have a title. I want to improve on my earlier procedural terrain (a.k.a. Claudia in Photoland) generator. The earlier version worked just fine, but I didn’t think that the results looked like naturally occurring terrain. The earlier version used simple math to distribute tiles on the map with a … Read more

Helpful Links

Below are links and descriptions to software and tutorials that I’ve found useful. By no means a comprehensive list, just the ones I have experience with. But if you have a tutorial series you recommend, drop me a line! Software and Game Engines: GameMaker Studio: Currently this is my engine of choice. The basic version … Read more

Stories Published Elsewhere

    I have a number of free stories posted on DA, including my Rocket Frame 87 stories starting with Rocket Frame 87: Escape from Spectrala. I was even fortunate enough that a friend of mine, Simon Lorimer drew fan art for it here.  I also have a few fanfic stories within the Felarya universe, … Read more

Miltonville Mine Mystery – Part 3

[Collaborative Project with ImagesByCW] – Find here part 1 of the story and part 2 here – Sammie marched along the edge of the old rail bed, gazing frequently across the open field at the woods in the distance. The woods were too far to discern any details of the individual trees; they were just a greenish brown mass … Read more