Miltonville Mine Mystery – Part 2

[Collaborative Project with ImagesByCW] – Find part 1 of the Miltonville Mine Mystery here – The mine was a good hour’s hike outside of town,  so despite the fact that the days were still long, they didn’t have time to dawdle. With the creek at this level there was no way across without getting wet, … Read more

Miltonville Mine Mystery, Part 1

mine, hoellgrotten, grotte, stairs

[Collaborative Project with ImagesByCW]   One week till the summer ends, and I have to go back to school. One more week to play down by the creek, and sneak out to the old mines when Pa isn’t watching. One more week with no homework. Pa says school’s important, he says you need to be … Read more

How to Get Ahead in Life

This is part 6 of my robot series. Today’s post will take our robot to a new level, but honestly also highlight a bit of a mistake… which will be corrected in the next post. But for now, let’s tackle our heady discussion theme of the day! Our robot has come a long way since … Read more

The Eyes Have It!

This is part 5 of my robot series. As promised, my little robot is back, and this time he’s got his eyes on you. He formerly had to rely only on bumping into things to navigate. To remedy this we had to give him a way of knowing something was in his way before he … Read more

Skynet watch out!

This is part 3 of my robot series. Curiously enough, despite the fact that this was set up to highlight my writing, I seem to be doing a robotics blog. Now if I were only a robotics expert, we’d be all set! This update you will get two for the price of one. I will … Read more

Robot Logic: State the Purpose!

Thanks for joining me today! Several readers have asked me what my little experimental robot is supposed to do. This is actually a very important question to which there are three potential answers: 1. It runs around the house, bumping into stuff, beeping, and generally looking cool. 2. Nothing really. It’s basically a self built … Read more