AI System (Swamp Monster)

As part of the overall environment for RF87, I had envisioned alien creatures wandering around. I wanted them to behave more like animals than traditional monsters, such that they may or may not be hostile, and that they would also potentially chase each other in predator/prey fashion. I also though about incorporating terrain passability parameters, … Read more

Basic Procedural Terrain

This project was started so that I could learn how do develop an auto-tiling system, and learn procedural terrain generation. I wanted to create a set of scripts that would randomly generate a top-down terrain with various terrain types, like grass, dirt, water, forested area, etc. Claudia was trying to help me drawing the tile … Read more

Advanced Procedural Terrain

Ok, actually this project doesn’t really have a title. I want to improve on my earlier procedural terrain (a.k.a. Claudia in Photoland) generator. The earlier version worked just fine, but I didn’t think that the results looked like naturally occurring terrain. The earlier version used simple math to distribute tiles on the map with a … Read more

Helpful Links

Below are links and descriptions to software and tutorials that I’ve found useful. By no means a comprehensive list, just the ones I have experience with. But if you have a tutorial series you recommend, drop me a line! Software and Game Engines: GameMaker Studio: Currently this is my engine of choice. The basic version … Read more