Cover Reveal: Love, Death, or Mermaid?

Hello friends, The novella Love, Death, or Mermaid? releases on November 14, 2021. And Papaya outdid herself on the cover again! This is another stand-alone, set several decade prior to Harpyness is Only Skin Deep. Though long-time readers might catch a cameo here or there. Opportunity knocks on the humblest of doors. But it knocks … Read more

Pummel the Perilous Pirates of Publishing!

Today’s post is aimed at my fellow writers. Let’s talk pirates. Arrgh, matey! Listen up or the capt’n ‘ll send ya ta Davey Jones’ locker! Wait, that’s talk like pirates. I’ll start again. Who doesn’t like pirates? I mean, sailing the high seas as a dreaded corsair, plundering, pillaging, and swashbuckling? But there’s another type … Read more

Hazelhearth Hires Heroes Now Live!

Hello friends! Hazelhearth Hires Heroes is now live. This one is a stand-alone, so no cliffhangers, I promise. I experimented with several new things for this novel, I hope you enjoy the result. First off, you’ll notice that although it’s set on Arvia, it happens over a century earlier to the events of the two … Read more

Defender of the City of Xin

When we think of fantasy worlds, many of us think in terms of epic battles, of knights fighting dragons, castles, strange creatures lurking in the woods. But every valiant hero had to grow up somewhere. In the spirit of this I present to you: Xin Elementary School Second grade class Teacher: Mr. Klein “All right … Read more

Harpy D&D

Though it remains a little known fact to those outside their culture, harpies are, in fact, enthusiastic about sports and games. Although most harpy games involve a level of violence that would make professional hockey look like a game of tiddlywinks, Rinloh, our harpy main character, is intent on broadening the horizons of some of … Read more

Cover Reveal: Finding Your Harpy Place

Hello Friends! The cover of Finding Your Harpy Place has been unveiled. The very talented fantasy illustrator, Stefanie Dworschak has once again outdone herself. Darin and Rinloh return, venturing through regions, beautiful and dangerous, in an all-new adventure. A magic artifact casts a shadow, mysterious and dark, revealing perilous paths for both. Their quests lead … Read more

Product Review: Voting

Today I’m switching roles from author to critic, as I rate an old masterwork known as voting. With so many new alternatives these days, many people ask, “Is voting still relevant?” After all, compared with more modern forms of expression, such as “retweeting a biting political meme,” it might appear that voting has lost its … Read more