Cover Reveal: Midnight on the Manatee

Hello friends! Today’s the big day for the cover reveal of Midnight on the Manatee. Once again, Papaya-Style did a bang-up job. So, you may notice this one looks a bit different than some of my other recent covers. I love detailed fantasy landscapes such as the subterranean temple from Hazelhearth Hires Heroes, but since … Read more

Guest Post: Papaya for Mermaid Week

For today’s mermaid week post I’d like to welcome the artist Papaya to talk about what inspires her. Which historical myths did you draw from when creating your artwork? My interest in mermaids was certainly first piqued when I heard about the Sirens in Homer’s Odyssey and other common lore, who’s descriptions varied from half … Read more

Special Announcement: New Tech Startup

I have a special treat for my subscribers today–a sneak peek at a revolutionary new tech start up I’ve been working with in my spare time. I was approached by the good folks at Cognoscribe to advise them on their new app, and let me tell you, the technology is impressive. The founders clearly understand … Read more

Cover Reveal: Love, Death, or Mermaid?

Hello friends, The novella Love, Death, or Mermaid? releases on November 14, 2021. And Papaya outdid herself on the cover again! This is another stand-alone, set several decade prior to Harpyness is Only Skin Deep. Though long-time readers might catch a cameo here or there. Opportunity knocks on the humblest of doors. But it knocks … Read more

Pummel the Perilous Pirates of Publishing!

Today’s post is aimed at my fellow writers. Let’s talk pirates. Arrgh, matey! Listen up or the capt’n ‘ll send ya ta Davey Jones’ locker! Wait, that’s talk like pirates. I’ll start again. Who doesn’t like pirates? I mean, sailing the high seas as a dreaded corsair, plundering, pillaging, and swashbuckling? But there’s another type … Read more