Wyrd & Wonder: Phoenix Logo Chibi

Let’s start with the basics. Apologies to Tanantachai Sirival for turning your fabulous artwork into a chibi. I’ve been taking a break from writing for a few days to do a bit of drawing again, including finally creating a map for the world of Arvia (I’ll post later, still need a few tweaks before I’d … Read more

Fantasy Food

Key ingredients for your favorite meal unavailable? Improvise! Inspired by a geeky thought-experiment, trying to recreate an infamously bad recipe from my novel, I present to you the exclusive recipe for “Wanderer’s Way Stew.” The following recipe will feed 4-6 average sized humanoids. Scale up as appropriate. Ingredients: 8 Cups eel broth (it’s fine to … Read more

Guild of Fantasy Authors – My Interview

The world of speculative fiction is fraught with challenges, both seen and unseen. My recent interview with the Guild of Fantasy Authors didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share the transcript, in the hopes that other authors might learn from my mistakes. MFA: So, D.H. Willison, thank you for … Read more

A Special Thanks – Harpyness Fan Art

I should be the one thanking my amazing illustrator Stefanie for the great job she did on the cover of Harpyness is Only Skin Deep. And what happens? She goes and makes fan art for the book! This was actually one of the sketches for some of the initial ideas we had for the cover. … Read more

Interview With a Harpy

Note: The following interview was smuggled out of the magical world of Arvia. It’s authenticity could not be verified. This is Pelion with Centaur Central, here today with Rinloh the harpy to discuss her views on humans. Pelion: Greetings, Rinloh. Thanks for agreeing to an interview. Your position on this issue has been described by … Read more

Special Announcement: Cover Artist

Hello Friends! I’m excited to announce that the very talented Stefanie Dworschak will be creating the cover illustration for my upcoming novel. Stefanie is a digital artist specializing in nature, portraits, and fantasy creatures, with a unique talent for capturing moods and emotions in a subtle, understated way. I knew her as an outstanding artist … Read more

A Special Thanks for Rocket Frame 87 Fan Art

A very special thank you to the talented and generous Simon Lorimer for drawing this scene from my Scifi short story “Rocket Frame 87: Escape from Spectrala”. I love how he interpreted the characters – exactly as I imagined them when I wrote the story. The ending point of the story was intended as the … Read more

Behind the Scenes – City of Xin

Hello! While many authors would share a status update of where they are in the process of a novel, I’m in the middle of the “copy edit” phase of things (editing for compliance to all things grammar and format related.) So I really don’t want to inflict this upon you. Copy editing is about as … Read more

Looking for an Exotic Vacation?

City of Xin Tourism Office

Hello friends! Tired of humdrum vacation destinations? Looking for a little excitement in your life? I found a flier from the Xin Tourist Office that may be just the thing! Coincidentally, the city of Xin is also the primary location for my upcoming novel. Enjoy your next vacation! D. H. Willison     Harpyness is … Read more