Stories Published Elsewhere

    I have a number of free stories posted on DA, including my Rocket Frame 87 stories starting with Rocket Frame 87: Escape from Spectrala. I was even fortunate enough that a friend of mine, Simon Lorimer drew fan art for it here.  I also have a few fanfic stories within the Felarya universe, … Read more

Miltonville Mine Mystery – Part 3

[Collaborative Project with ImagesByCW] – Find here part 1 of the story and part 2 here – Sammie marched along the edge of the old rail bed, gazing frequently across the open field at the woods in the distance. The woods were too far to discern any details of the individual trees; they were just a greenish brown mass … Read more

Miltonville Mine Mystery – Part 2

[Collaborative Project with ImagesByCW] – Find part 1 of the Miltonville Mine Mystery here – The mine was a good hour’s hike outside of town,  so despite the fact that the days were still long, they didn’t have time to dawdle. With the creek at this level there was no way across without getting wet, … Read more

Miltonville Mine Mystery, Part 1

mine, hoellgrotten, grotte, stairs

[Collaborative Project with ImagesByCW]   One week till the summer ends, and I have to go back to school. One more week to play down by the creek, and sneak out to the old mines when Pa isn’t watching. One more week with no homework. Pa says school’s important, he says you need to be … Read more