Cover Reveal: Midnight on the Manatee

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Today’s the big day for the cover reveal of Midnight on the Manatee. Once again, Papaya-Style did a bang-up job. So, you may notice this one looks a bit different than some of my other recent covers. I love detailed fantasy landscapes such as the subterranean temple from Hazelhearth Hires Heroes, but since this is another stand-alone, I thought we could try something a bit different. Given the steamship theme, I leaned strongly in the direction of film noir for inspiration. Some of the first concepts were pure black and white (or white ink on midnight blue). Eventually we settled on a limited color palate, with a stylized design. The sketches on the right are some of Papaya’s original compositions and pose ideas.

I was thrilled with the final design, which evokes a sense of tension while maintaining a stylized look. Thanks again, Papaya!

How does the steamship Manatee navigate sea-monster infested waters? What sacrifices do her grand profits demand? The only certainty is that the Manatee casts a dark shadow everywhere she makes port.

Brianna, a tough, no-nonsense human, yearns to escape stifling big city rules and a troubled past. A quaint seaside town seems perfect to start a new life—until she wakes up aboard the Manatee. As cargo.

Shard, nekojin feline of the forest, dreams of sailing to distant lands—to the horror of his friends. When his intriguing new neighbor, Brianna, disappears and all signs point to the mysterious Manatee, he’s certain this is his moment for high seas adventure. Yet with skills tailored to the forest canopy, his rescue goes disastrously awry.

Their only chance of freedom is to work together, but can their budding relationship overcome ruthless smugglers, corrupt officials, and a slew of ravenous monsters? Or are they destined to take the secret of the Manatee to a watery grave?

Midnight on the Manatee blends life-and-death adventures on a creepy fantasy world with wit, whimsy, and a generous dash of romance.

This stand-alone novella (182 pages) set on the world of Arvia, is intended for adult or young adult readers.

It will be released as ebook at Apple, B&N, Kindle, Google Play, and Thalia on October 28th, 2022, and as paperback at Barnes & Noble.

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