Creative Works Planned for 2021

To say the last year has been a turbulent one is an understatement, but it had its bright spots too. For me personally, the warm reception my first two published novels received was a highlight. A big thank you to everyone who read Tales of Arvia, and a harpy-sized thank you to those who wrote reviews. Unless you wrote a bad review. You guys suck.

So where does the journey go from here? How about a sneak peek?

Tales of Arvia will continue in a third full-length novel:

Tales of Arvia Book 3 (Untitled at the moment)

Tremors rock the world of Arvia. But on a world steeped in magic, more lies underground than rock and magma. With wild magic and creatures from the abyss released onto the surface with each tremor, this is not a challenge that either humans or harpies can overcome on their own. Yet as Darin and Rinloh investigate the strange phenomena, they begin to suspect that the tremors may not be natural occurrences. To save the lives of creatures great and small, the two must again venture deep into the wilderness, this time in search of a lost city from the time of the Melandrach Empire.

Planned release, late 2021.

Also in the works, a stand-alone featuring a new cast of characters. This novel will be set on Arvia, but more than a century prior to the events of Tales of Arvia, and will be more in the litRPG/progression fantasy genre.

Siege of Arania (working title)

Arvia: An empire in collapse. Predators rampage the countryside. Cities cut off from each other must fight to survive. With warriors of all types in short supply some cities resort to ‘creative’ recruiting practices.

Earth: 19th century America. Excitement and adventure are everywhere: the wild west, polar exploration, scientific achievement. Everywhere but the home town of an unlikely pair of adventurers. A frustrated telegraph clerk dreams of heroics. An inventor dreams of fame and freedom. Yet not even their wildest dreams compare to Arvia.

But when circumstance throws the two into a band of misfit adventurers, they discover even a novice adventurer can, with a little luck and a lot of determination, make a difference.

Planned release, summer 2021.

Finally, I intend to release a sci-fi novella set on (drumroll, please) Earth!

A pair of teens in 19th century America discover a creeping otherworldly infestation in the forest. At the center, an abandoned mine. Yet the closer they draw, the more their thoughts are flooded with strange voices. What lies at the bottom of the mine? And will it hold the key to stopping the infestation, or spell the end for Preston and Sammy’s sanity?

Planned release, summer 2021.

This one will be free to subscribers!

4 thoughts on “Creative Works Planned for 2021”

  1. Apologies that I am only getting to the sequel this week – it’s been a trial of a year on this end. Just when I thought we might move past… back into lockdown and virtual home school again. The best part has been that quite a few of authors I enjoy have been releasing books; it’s just taken awhile to get to them all lol. Excited to hear that there will be even more adventures in Arvia!

    • Yup, it has been for us too. I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures. And I hope it’s a mental break from the “schooling adventure.”


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