Looking for an Exotic Vacation?

Hello friends!

Tired of humdrum vacation destinations? Looking for a little excitement in your life?

I found a flier from the Xin Tourist Office that may be just the thing! Coincidentally, the city of Xin is also the primary location for my upcoming novel.

City of Xin Tourism Office

Enjoy your next vacation!

D. H. Willison



Harpyness is Only Skin Deep blends outlandish fantasy, the most unlikely of friendships, and endearing characters in a uniquely witty, charming style.

A fantasy novel for adult readers

Harpyness is Only Skin Deep is live! Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover.

Ebook (Kindle ASIN: B082Z44YDG)
Paperback (ISBN: 9781678882334)
Hardcover (ISBN: 9781078763516)

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4 thoughts on “Looking for an Exotic Vacation?”

  1. CPI rating…. I LOVE IT LOL. This is really great addition to the universe of the novel and such a fantastic way to advertise your book. Genius!


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