Guest Post: Author SD Simper for Mermaid Week

For today’s mermaid week post, we have author SD Simper, who has created an entire trilogy with a mermaid theme. Let’s see what inspires her.

Which historical myths did you draw from when creating your story?

The Fate of Stars started off as a “what if” prompt: what if, in The Little Mermaid, when the mermaid heroine goes to rescue the prince (or princess, as the case is in mine), she gets kidnapped instead? So while not quite a myth, there is a clear source of inspiration.

When researching merfolk, did you discover any interesting facts?

Oh dear, this is terrible, but… manatees, while lovely creatures and pretty high on the “huggable wild animals” scale, aren’t particularly soft and squishy. Blubber isn’t cuddly; it’s dense. It’s memory foam, at best. And you might be wondering how this is pertinent to mermaids, even with the historical context of manatees often being mistaken for mermaids.

Well you see, as someone who writes spicy scenes between her mermaid and human characters, I had to disregard science, because mermaid boobs would be neither soft nor squishy.

And finally, tell us a little about the Sea & Stars.

You might like the Sea & Stars trilogy if you like:

  • sassy mermaids
  • sword lesbian princesses
  • moon & star goddess lesbian wives
  • enemies to lovers
  • sensual haircuts
  • politics and murder
  • mermaids vs cthulu

A devout mermaid. A disgraced princess. A feud as ancient as the gods.

Worlds collide when Tallora is kidnapped from her ocean home and forced to be a pet to a tyrannical foreign empire. Her only hope for rescue lies with a sworn enemy—Princess Dauriel, infamous for her stone heart and conflicted past. But when Dauriel’s kingdom comes to the cusp of war, could their uneasy alliance be the key to defeating a common foe? Or will their growing feelings for each other lead them to ruin?

From the world of FALLEN GODS comes a tale of ancient magic and cutthroat politics—and finding redemption through love.

Hope you’ll join these other fine authors and artists to learn why merfolk inspire them and their work!

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1 thought on “Guest Post: Author SD Simper for Mermaid Week”

  1. This line here had me laugh out loud – hahaha – it is so true though!

    I had to disregard science, because mermaid boobs would be neither soft nor squishy.

    Very nice interview and it certainly sounds like an interesting book series.


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