Hazelhearth Hires Heroes Now Live!

Hello friends!

Hazelhearth Hires Heroes is now live. This one is a stand-alone, so no cliffhangers, I promise. I experimented with several new things for this novel, I hope you enjoy the result. First off, you’ll notice that although it’s set on Arvia, it happens over a century earlier to the events of the two Tales of Arvia books. In Tales of Arvia I had referenced the Melandrach Empire on several occasions. Hazelhearth Hires Heroes was the opportunity to explore it in greater depth.

But if it happens over a century ago on Arvia, wouldn’t that also make it over a century ago on Earth? Yes it would! And our two brave adventurers are actually out of Victorian era Earth. Fortunately they don’t have to face the perils of Arvia alone, and are joined by some helpful… or in some cases less-than-helpful Arvian natives.

Given the focus on the party, rather than individual characters, I switched to third person point of view. It’s also a much more classic ‘misfit team forced to work together to save the town,’ sort of tale.

Despite the differences, you can expect the usual lighthearted tone, roller-coaster ride of adventures, a few twists and surprises, and loads of banter!

And for those who may be wondering, yes, Darin and Rinloh will return. Tales of Arvia 3 is currently being drafted by a crack team of elven artisans.

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