Heart of the Sky – 1st glimpse

Hello friends!

Thought I’d update you on all things Arvia. There’s big news on the horizon. Big, feathered news, if you catch my drift. Tales of Arvia (a.k.a. the Darinloh saga) will continue shortly. Also, Tales of Arvia 3 now has an actual name: Arvia: Heart of the Sky. My cover artist has done marvelous work on upcoming covers, and I’ve also commissioned a few portraits. I love her take on Darin—she really nailed that studious yet adventurey vibe!

So how do Darin and Rinloh’s adventures continue? Though the tone is similar, each book has a unique focus. Finding Your Harpy Place is about journeys, both literal journeys, and those within yourself. This time around, the two don’t need to seek adventure, adventure finds them. I’ve really leaned into their relationship arc on this upcoming tale: the pair must rely on each other more than ever before, and both must learn—and teach—the value of trust. You can expect life-and-death adventures, witty banter, and more than a few heartfelt moments.

However, even though Arvia: Heart of the Sky is coming together, my next publication will be a stand-alone novella: Midnight on the Manatee. This fantasy/adventure/romance is the story of Shard and Brianna’s meet-cute, and subsequent harrowing escape from the species traffickers aboard the mysterious steamship Manatee. If you’ve read Harpyness is Only Skin Deep, you’ll recognize those characters, however this tale is a stand-alone adventure that’s totally accessible for new readers.

I’ve also been playing with video production a bit more, and have a special treat this fall for Tales of Arvia fans. I’ve done shorter trailers for Hazelhearth Hires Heroes, and Love, Death, or Mermaid? which turned out quite nicely. Now I’m working on a much longer and more complex video, complete with exclusive artwork that will serve as a trailer for Arvia: Heart of the Sky.

And as a little preview, here’s a line from Midnight on the Manatee, in which Brianna reacts to the news that after a week’s hard journey, the new life she wanted to start in the picturesque seaside town of Barricayde may end up more challenging than the one she sought to leave behind.

I felt a sinking sensation, a hollowing out of my very soul. I took a long draught of ale while I contemplated my next words. A slice of lemon helped hide the fact that it was thin and bitter. The ale, not my soul.

Actually, at the moment, both.

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