My 2nd novel is out

My second novel is now live! I’ve just doubled the number of published books! And this now makes a series: Tales of Arvia.

Following in the footsteps of Harpyness is Only Skin Deep, a new adventure awaits. Many of the characters you know and love from Harpyness will return, but it is a tale that can be enjoyed independently of the first book. To discover the truth behind a lost artifact, our characters will venture deeper into the mysterious forests of Arvia, will encounter new cultures, learn more about magic, and more about themselves.

Finding Your Harpy Place, was released November 14, 2020.

  • The Forest of Fate
    I’m happy to announce a new Arvia novel this spring: The Forest of Fate. It’s a stand-alone story with very personal stakes. This survival adventure follows two people overcoming an impossible situation: exile to the worst wilderness in all the land. Watch this space for updates and a sneak peek. The book will release on … Read more
  • Arvia: Wings of the Wild is Taking off Soon!
    With the release of Arvia: Wings of the Wild just a week and a half away, I wanted to share a little more about it. This is Darin and Rinloh’s most epic adventure yet—a truly grand journey through dangerous wilderness and exotic new locations. Several reader favorite characters return to play a significant role in … Read more
  • Cover Reveal – Arvia: Wings of the Wild
    I’m excited to finally unveil the cover for Arvia: Wings of the Wild, the fourth book in Tales of Arvia. In contrast to prior books, where I had several different ideas for cover compositions, for Arvia: Wings of the Wild, the choice was clear. Much of the story was set around the ruins of an … Read more