My second novel is now live! I’ve just doubled the number of published books! And this now makes a series: Tales of Arvia.

Following in the footsteps of Harpyness is Only Skin Deep, a new adventure awaits. Many of the characters you know and love from Harpyness will return, but it is a tale that can be enjoyed independently of the first book. To discover the truth behind a lost artifact, our characters will venture deeper into the mysterious forests of Arvia, will encounter new cultures, learn more about magic, and more about themselves.

Finding Your Harpy Place, was released November 14, 2020.

  • Defender of the City of Xin
    When we think of fantasy worlds, many of us think in terms of epic battles, of knights fighting dragons, castles, strange creatures lurking in the woods. But every valiant hero had to grow up somewhere. In the spirit of this I present to you: Xin Elementary School Second grade class Teacher: Mr. Klein “All right … Read more
  • Finding Your Harpy Place
    Darin and Rinloh return for a second adventure, venturing through regions, beautiful and dangerous. A magic artifact casts a shadow, mysterious and dark, revealing perilous paths for both. Their quests lead them to a village of goblins deep in a swamp where monstrous insects ruin more than just your picnic. A tropical island paradise seems … Read more
  • Harpy D&D
    Though it remains a little known fact to those outside their culture, harpies are, in fact, enthusiastic about sports and games. Although most harpy games involve a level of violence that would make professional hockey look like a game of tiddlywinks, Rinloh, our harpy main character, is intent on broadening the horizons of some of … Read more


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