Interview With a Harpy

Note: The following interview was smuggled out of the magical world of Arvia. It’s authenticity could not be verified.

This is Pelion with Centaur Central, here today with Rinloh the harpy to discuss her views on humans.

Pelion: Greetings, Rinloh. Thanks for agreeing to an interview. Your position on this issue has been described by many predators as unconventional, but we here at the network believe in honest journalism. Before we begin, could you introduce yourself?

Rinloh: Sure thing, Pelion. My name is Rinloh, and I’m a harpy of the Tionora flock. And to get the first question that I’m always asked out of the way: yes, as the smallest flock member at barely 10 meters tall, I’ve struggled with size issues all my life, but that’s a topic for another day. Today, I’m here to discuss humans.

Pelion: You’ve created a stir within the predator community with your viewpoint.

Rinloh: I know. Let me start by saying that I know feral humans can be troublesome. I don’t advocate a complete hunting ban, but I do hope to open the eyes of predators across our land. I realize that as tasty as humans may be, this is not a popular opinion. It’s too easy for us to think with our stomachs, to just do what feels natural. But I urge your readers to think before they devour: many humans are not only intelligent creatures, but can be quite affectionate as well.

Pelion: So, you advocate for keeping humans as pets, not just livestock or working animals?

Rinloh: Every predator has to do what they feel comfortable with, but I strongly believe that they make good pets, and in some cases, can serve as excellent emotional support animals.

Pelion: This comes from personal experience with your own pet human, correct?

Rinloh: To be honest, Pelion, I consider mine to be more friend than pet, but yes, it is based on personal experience.

Pelion: Friend. Uuff. That word may be a bit too radical for our readers to accept. I don’t think I’ll be able to print that in the final publication.

Rinloh: I understand.

Pelion: How did you happen to acquire this pet of yours? Did you catch it yourself, or trade for it?

Rinloh: I caught him myself! It was my very first human hunt. But the little rascal managed to get away from us. What a wild human chase that first encounter was. But you can read more about it in my novel.

Pelion: Yes, that’s right, you have a book that was just published. Can you tell us anything about it?

Rinloh: It’s all about my experiences with my human friend and our adventures together. And as a special treat for the readers who love truly outlandish stories, there’s even a chapter about life on his home world, a bizarre place called ‘Earth.’

Pelion: So, some of the story is from his perspective as well? The perspective of a human? That’s a pretty daring idea.

Rinloh: Actually quite a lot of it is from his perspective. With all the funny little anecdotes he’s told me about what life is like as a human, I just couldn’t resist. The life of a harpy is so ordinary in comparison.

Pelion: Time will tell if the world is ready for such a bold story.

Rinloh: You know what’s really funny? He actually thinks the book is about him. But human egos are almost as fragile as their cute little bodies, so I don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.

Pelion: [Laughs] Well, don’t worry, he certainly won’t hear about it from me. Thanks for sharing with us today, and best of luck on your book!

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