New Video – Finding Your Harpy Place

I wanted to let you know there’s a new video for Finding Your Harpy Place. I’ve gotten much better at video composition, and thought it was time to completely redo the trailer for Finding Your Harpy Place.

As I announced in September, Tales of Arvia will continue with a new book early 2023, and I’ve been working on a very significant video for the series. But as I looked back at past videos, the one for Finding Your Harpy Place wasn’t at the same level as newer ones (such as Hazelhearth Hires Heroes). I produced it at the time I was transitioning from AVS video to DaVinci Resolve, a much more professional grade program. With a professional grade learning curve. If you’re interested in video production, I highly recommend DaVinci Resolve, which has a very capable free version. There are plenty of good tutorials for it as well, though unless you’re a genius, I wouldn’t count on being up and running in a few minutes. Or even a few hours.

I think I’ve finally done justice to the wonderful background artwork done by my former cover artist Love-or-Death. The video includes a few special effects (such as sunglow and water sparkle), which I try to keep subtle (just my personal taste), and overall I’m happy with the result.

Question for my subscribers: would there be any interest in a few narrated chapters from select works?

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