Love, Death, or Mermaid?

Read the first three chapters here (no cliffhangers, promise!) Opportunity knocks on the humblest of doors. But it knocks only once. When an overheard conversation leads to a hunt for a long-forgotten pirate’s treasure in the sunny tropics, Herbert can’t believe his luck. With shipmates including the charming if somewhat feline-featured Katie, a suave and ... Read more

Hazelhearth Hires Heroes

Hello friends! Tales of Arvia is joined by a stand-alone fantasy adventure. An unlikely pair of heroes is catapulted from 19th century America to a world far wilder than the wild west. Yup, it’s Arvia, and it’s set during the fall of the Melandrach Empire, a century before the events of the Tales of Arvia ... Read more

Finding Your Harpy Place

Darin and Rinloh return for a second adventure, venturing through regions, beautiful and dangerous. A magic artifact casts a shadow, mysterious and dark, revealing perilous paths for both. Their quests lead them to a village of goblins deep in a swamp where monstrous insects ruin more than just your picnic. A tropical island paradise seems ... Read more

Harpyness is Only Skin Deep

What does it mean to show humanity on a world where humans themselves are an insignificant race? In the first book of Tales of Arvia, our human character, Darin, accepts a deal from an unscrupulous dimension broker, finding himself completely unprepared for the harsh realities of Arvia, a world crawling with fantastic predators commonly exceeding ... Read more
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