Special Announcement: Cover Artist

Hello Friends!

I’m excited to announce that the very talented Stefanie Dworschak will be creating the cover illustration for my upcoming novel.

Stefanie is a digital artist specializing in nature, portraits, and fantasy creatures, with a unique talent for capturing moods and emotions in a subtle, understated way. I knew her as an outstanding artist and fan of fantasy literature, but when she agreed to accept the commission after reading an ARC copy of Harpyness is Only Skin Deep, excited about the story, and in love with the two main characters, I was thrilled beyond words.

Not only am I confident that she will be able to capture the novel’s vision, but even more amazing is the fact that she agreed to do it without putting any magical mice in the illustration (a bit of an inside joke — she has a charming series of illustrations based around magical mice, and mice in various seasons.)

I hope to be able to show off the final result in the near future, but for now I encourage you to have a look at Stefanie’s portfolio here.






Harpyness is Only Skin Deep blends outlandish fantasy, the most unlikely of friendships, and endearing characters in a uniquely witty, charming style.

A fantasy novel for adult readers

Harpyness is Only Skin Deep is live! Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover.

Ebook (Kindle ASIN: B082Z44YDG)
Paperback (ISBN: 9781678882334)
Hardcover (ISBN: 9781078763516)

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1 thought on “Special Announcement: Cover Artist”

  1. WOW!!! Some amazing illustrations on her profile. I think it suits the story perfectly. And I rather like the mice too lol.


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