Special Announcement: New Tech Startup

I have a special treat for my subscribers today–a sneak peek at a revolutionary new tech start up I’ve been working with in my spare time.

I was approached by the good folks at Cognoscribe to advise them on their new app, and let me tell you, the technology is impressive. The founders clearly understand the key pain point of so many writers: the actual writing process. Not only that, their technology is truly revolutionary: Brain-to-Text (BTT) represents a quantum leap in productivity for writers.

Everyone knows the human brain generates electrical impulses. What many people don’t realize, is that ordinary headphones convert between electrical signals (the technical world) and sound waves (the physical world). While the details of Cognoscribe’s technology are obviously confidential, they’ve developed an app that uses these principles to convert a user’s brainwaves into text.

Have a look at the informational video for more detail about the process!


4 thoughts on “Special Announcement: New Tech Startup”

  1. I laughed all the way through the press release for the new technology, Cognoscribe’s Brain-to-Text.

    Mostly I chuckled with delight—but also some fiendish cackles of revenge—because I finally could get low grade dictation and auto correct services services off my back. Make that infuriating services.

    So tantalizing. No more furiously fixing “gifts” of expletives gratuitously plopping into my writing or waiting to pop into my prose just as my finger dives toward “send.”

    But then a downpour drenched my parade.

    This announcement arrived on the first of April. Am I the biggest fool of all?


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