Wyrd & Wonder: Phoenix Logo Chibi

Let’s start with the basics. Apologies to Tanantachai Sirival for turning your fabulous artwork into a chibi.

I’ve been taking a break from writing for a few days to do a bit of drawing again, including finally creating a map for the world of Arvia (I’ll post later, still need a few tweaks before I’d dare share publicly.)

And then I found out about Wyrd & Wonder. And I had to chibi-ize the logo. Because I’m weird. Or is that wyrd?

For more about Wyrd & Wonder, take a look here.

I promise my next Wyrd & Wonder post will be more serious. Totally.

6 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder: Phoenix Logo Chibi”

  1. Looks great! I am happy to see you switch it up and do a little vector drawing in between all your wonderful writing. Really like what you did here, definitely recognizable to the original artwork, which – btw – looks really awesome, too!

  2. Wonderful! Love the Chibi vibe – it’s good to mix up the creativity every now and then. I have an art journal – even though I cannot draw remotely as well as you or Claudia; but it’s fun to add to my writings when the mood strikes.

    • Thanks, Leslie! I agree, any creative outlet is good, and sometimes even doing “amateur” artwork helps the overall creative process.


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